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Eclipse Gathering Mexico.

inspired by Big summit prairie Oregon eclipse.

( we are not related in any way to official simbiosis ) rollover tickets application

This is a calling to all DJs or wizards, fairies and witches to come and join us.

Line Up is on the works so if you would like to collaborate or present anything to our eclipse chasers this is the time

There will be 72 spots available.
special acommodations for those who volunteered.

volunteer tickets throughout the first phase off pre-sale, which is most assessable for locals, and the prices will be set up in local money.

Also, there will be Food Vendors on site.

Showers, camping site, security car RV camping and community kitchen throughout the whole event.

Éste acontecimiento sólo sucede una vez cada cuatro años y nosotros queremos compartir la experiencia y la invitación es para el evento estelar que es el eclipse total de sol que se llevará acabo en la mañana del día 8 de abril de 2024 el evento tendrá una duración de tres días teniendo la expectativa de qué todo se diviertan y tengan el aprendizaje necesario recarguen energías y compartan

con todos nosotros.

recommendations :

Bring everything you need!!!

Your PDF ticket w/QR code (You will get your wristband on-site at the Box Office)

  • Map and directions there and back (in case of phone troubles if traveling far).
  • Games to play in the car if you’re carpooling from a ways away.
  • List of important phone numbers (just in case).
  • Spare car keys (one is none, two is one).
  • Cash (enough for gas, ice, food, t-shirts/apparel, beer, etc; I find a $50 per festival day works well, with extra for

the trip home).

  • Swiss army knife, or a multi-tool (camp setup, fixes, etc).
  • Duct tape (quick fixes, if you feel like being creative, or pretty much anything, it’s duct tape).
  • Your phone (find your friends, photos). We recommend turning the data and internet off on your phone because

there’s NO service at the festival and it increases battery life. Airplane mode can save a day of battery. When at camp with your friends, also try to keep it off. Remember a car-charger just in case. If you charge it with your car often, start it occasionally as to not kill your battery.

  • A USB battery to recharge all electronic devices
  • Sunglasses
  • Water toys (a squirtgun, a mister, or whatever, it’s all fun to cool down on hot days)
  • Yoga mat, if you’re into that. (Yoga happens throughout the festival)
  • A hydration pack. (We recommend an Osprey or Camelbak brand. I own one that has 18 liters of storage, and a

two liter water bladder. It’s a decent size but slim enough to get through crowds and can be cinched down when not filled to the fullest). They have filling stations throughout the campgrounds and festival grounds. Get up earlier and stay up later to have the most fun, and you’ll need a lot of water to do it. Different sizes will also carry your keys, wallet, shirt or sweater, and whatever else you need.

  • A pen and paper
  • Koozies (to keep your beer cold, or if you have a few people at camp, to tell which beer is yours)
  • Jumper cables for your car battery, or to help someone else out
  • Ear plugs. Whether you’re sensitive to huge speakers (and everyone is at this level), or want to get to sleep in the

noisy campground, you’ll want a pair. Festivals are a marathon, not a race. To rest comfortably you’ll need to drown out the music and chatter. We recommend musician hi-fi ear plugs for festival listening and foam ones for sleeping either in the tent, or in your hammock once the tent is too hot and you make the first trek to the festival grounds for the day.

  • Camp entertainment (card games, frisbee, etc)
  • A hammock. Eno makes a great hammock (we prefer the doublenest, even for one. The straps are sold separately)

though there isn’t many trees so you might want to build or buy a stand to hang your hammock in.3

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Mazatlan sinaloa

F9XP+VM Mármol de Salcido, Sin., Mexico

abril 06 2023


Start: abril 6, 2023 @ 1:00 PM
End: abril 9, 2023 @ 2:00 PM
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Mazatlan sinaloa

F9XP+VM Mármol de Salcido, Sin.

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